Exposure Berlin

Exposure Berlin is a surrealist theater/silent film project, taking its inspiration from French surrealism and German Expressionism, as an homage to the artistic and social movements of 1920′s Berlin.  It is based on the play Les Mamelles de Tirésias by Appolinaire, the work for which the word surrealism was invented, and deals with issues of gender roles and identification.

The project is simultaneously theater piece and live silent film shoot, fusing it all with brand-new avant-garde musical, set and fashion compositions.  The piece involves new music performed by a live orchestra, opera, and surrealist video animation. It will be performed inEnglish, French, and German, with the intention that anyone who speaks one of these languages will be able to follow and enjoy the play.

Exposure Berlin was developed specifically for Das ehemalige Stummfilmkino Delphi (former silent film cinema Delphi), one of the world’s first movie theatres and best preserved examples of the glamour and decadence of 1920′s Berlin. Produced by Per Aspera Productions.

Here a trailer of the video animation I did for the play >>>

Press critics thought >>>

„Spektakulär ist die raffinierte Videoanimation von Radha Mateva: ein mediales Zusammenspiel der Epochen.“ More reviews here.

Some pictures of the show and the beautiful stage of the Delphi >>>

exposure_berlin-21 exposure_berlin-22 exposure_berlin-46 exposure_berlin-25

Photographie: Peter Gesierich